Best “First Time Contractors”

When Jerry Spude, inventor of TF System, was asked what makes a good contractor, he took a moment to think.  His first reply was “Zach Bailey and Glen Chamberlain from Gravette, Arkansas”.  Bailey and Chamberlain are what it takes to be good contractors.

Pictured Left to Right: Zach Bailey, Contractor/Josh Isabell, Homeowner/Glen Chamberlain, Contractor

Spude was asked to elaborate what he meant when he said that Bailey and Chamberlain were what it takes to be a good contractor.

Bailey and Chamberlain were both first time contractors, and they excelled.  What made them so great at what they did?

  1. Followed the detail manual
  2. Took advice with open ears
  3. Were eager to learn
  4. Demonstrated quality work
  5. Had warm personalities

The first house that Bailey and Chamberlain completed was fairly complex for two first time contractors, but with their dedication and hard work, they handled it like masters.

TF System has had good experience with contractors throughout its history, but Bailey and Chamberlain are solid as concrete when it comes to truly great contractors!


Welcome to TF Forming Systems

This world is unpredictable and ever changing, so why worry about your home or business collapsing around you in a time when you need it to stand strong the most?  TF Forming Systems focuses on safety and dependability so that our consumers don’t have to worry.

TF Forming Systems’ vertical insulated concrete design has been tested to withstand average hassles like termites or rot.  It has also been tested to withstand earthshaking events like tornadoes and hurricanes.  A testimonial from a customer located in Tornado Alley stated “I didn’t have to worry about having a safe room.  I have a safe home!”  And while the world is focused on going green, we have also turned over a new leaf.  All the studs used in our building materials are made from recycled plastic. Because the concrete walls are so well insulated, being energy efficient is easy!

We take the frustration out of building with an easy to use form system, few tools, and fair pricing.  Call or email today for more information!

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